You may not get enough resources required to  minimizing the risks, create clarity and solve most complex challenges of today. SMK helps in getting resources across industries and continents.

From our vast experience we know that each and every client need to take its own unique strategy, based on long-term milestones, industry dynamics, and operating principles. That’s why our experienced professionals rely on in-depth industry-specific experience to custom maid our guidance accordingly. SMK associates are actively involved with clients throughout Canada, and work closely with SMK member firms worldwide to develop strategies to help clients thrive now and in years to come. 

Businesses have many reasons to need relevant guidance on financial reporting practices, such as the impact of changes in accounting standards or the impact of changes in a framework if an IPO or acquisition is imminent.

With local, national, and global teams, our accounting professionals help clients address important matters in their financial statements. Utilizing our extensive global resources, we help clients in Canada and abroad navigate financial reporting and accounting standards that differ across industries and countries.

SMK is committed to professionalism, collaboration, and providing exceptional client service, and this is evident by the thorough involvement from our partners in the work we do. No matter the assignment, we always rely on our deep industry knowledge and insight from our partners to find solutions to our clients’ biggest challenges. Our services include:

  • Financial statement audits
  • Review engagements
  • Global statutory audits
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • IFRS advisory services

As a Bookkeeper we not only segregate your data, but also we present you a sorted platter. Just in one glance through the sheet you can find the actual needed information as a owner. It is our vast experience of sales tax and bookkeeping that gives us the edge at keeping your books perfect.

You my consider bookkeeping as an art! Like any other form of art, it gets better with practice. Our experience of more than fifteen years established us as one of the best bookkeeping service providers in USA and Canada.

We believe in easy and systematic dealing with our clients for which we provide a set of an initial checklist of documents required from you. Your documents are safe with us. We remain in touch with our clients via various online platforms.