Private Client Services

REPRESENTATION FOR IRS  IRS AUDIT REPRESENTATION IN CANADA People fear nothing more than receiving an IRS Audit letter in their mail. Any such mail takes away significant time from your business and family. And then you become busy gathering mounds of records substantiating each and every item reported on your tax return. The IRS officials […]


Estate and Trust Tax Preparation. These help to Protect and Preserve and Increase Your Financial Legacy. Trust and Estate tax preparation and planning are a vital part of managing your financial career. It is equally important for each and every individual especially if you have a spouse or children or if you own a business. […]

Personal Tax

Your Source For Trusted Personal Accounting And Tax Preparation As trusted advisor, we will evaluate your individual tax situations and will guide you through any tax challenges that may arise . Our motto is to reduce your tax liability so that you can keep maximum share of your hard-earned money. Through continuous education, we keep […]

Business Tax

We specialize in preparation of business tax. When you are a business owner, how to run your business smoothly becomes your utmost priority. You are always busy in developing new ideas to develop your business. And in this course you hardly have time to keep a note of your bank account or to generate balance […]