Comprehensive thinking for your financial goals

As entrepreneurs and professionals start their careers, prepare for their family’s future, or sell a business, they want to ensure that their money is working for them to meet their professional and personal financial goals.

SMK’s Wealth Advisory Practice is integrated with other related services to build an extensive understanding of individual client situations. This approach enables our team to develop a thorough and comprehensive financial plan that aligns to our clients’ unique investment, retirement and estate planning goals. Our wealth management team coordinates your financial plan with:

  • Investment management firms
  • Insurance professionals
  • External legal teams

In addition, clients have access to SMK’s full breadth of Advisory Services to supplement additional needs discovered from the financial plan.

Our Wealth Advisory team brings significant experience and is up to date with the issues that matter most for clients. Our professionals provide seamless, integrated wealth management solutions to our clients by delivering objective assessments that enable clients to make sound financial decisions, while optimizing returns and reducing risks.

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